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Eagles training camp: Morning session, Aug 1, 2011, Part I

These are notes from the morning session two days ago.  Apologies for the delay posting these last night, but after the Eagles signed Ronnie Brown and Ryan Harris, this took a back seat.

A quick note on these observations: There are 90 players in camp.  It's impossible for one set of eyes to watch all 90.  My set of eyeballs are going to catch a good play here and there from one player, while I might miss a few bad ones from that same player that another pair of eyes might see... and vice versa.  Last year, I felt that one of the most impressive rookies I saw was Keenan Clayton.  Others had him as a total longshot to make the team.  I also thought Fenuki Tupou was playing well.  Oops.  Others thought otherwise and were probably right.  This year I think that so far, the most impressive rookie has been Curtis Marsh.  Others have been killing him.  With that disclaimer in place:

11 on 11's

- Nice out by Vick to Cooper left side.  Cooper keeps his feet in.

- Seam route incomplete to Avant.  Lindley playing Avant very physically.  Maybe too physically - might have been PI.  Still, good to see Lindley playing physically, something I didn't see much of last camp.

- Hard count.  Dixon jumps.  This is at least the 3rd time in 2 practices Dixon has jumped offsides.  You're right over the ball, Antonio.   No excuse for that.

- Hard count again.  This time Jason Peters jumps.  Sloppy.

- Gorgeous looking screen left side to McCoy, with 3 blockers out in front.  McCoy takes it to the house.  Have I mentioned that McCoy looks fantastic in these little roundups? 

- Ball batted at the line by a blitzing Joselio Hanson.  Big slap on the Hanson for "Jose" (as Reid calls him) by Castillo.  Batting balls at the line is very clearly a big focus for Castillo. Every time I've seen a batted ball, Castillo goes berserk.

- Little bubble screen to Hall goes nowhere.  They ran that a few times last year.  I wouldn't be disappointed if they took that out of the playbook completely... unless it's DeSean Jackson getting the bubble screen.

- Good pressure by D.  Kafka sacked (didn't see who got him).

- Just saw Te'o drop into coverage.  That's the first time I've seen a DE drop into coverage.  Don't want.

- Hard count again.  Nobody jumps!  Hooray!  Kafka then checks at the line.  Good deep ball to Sinorice Moss.  Ball lands on the ground before Moss ever gets his head around.  Sinorice, you're 40 yards down field. The ball isn't just going to land on your head and stay there.  Turn.

- Nice screen right side to Graig Cooper.  Cooper down the sidelines for about 30.  This Cooper kid looks like a player.  Could be a practice squad candidate now that Ronnie Brown is aboard.

- Jerrod Johnson ball behind Gerald Jones.  Makes nice catch, and hangs on after being hit by Jamar Wall.

- Johnson overthrow high to Jones.  I like this Jones kid, by the way.  Another potential practice squadder.

9 on 9's - Running drill.  Hitting, but no tackling

- Fumbled snap.  Oof.

- Hey now.  Noticing that Julien Vandervelde is running with the 1's at guard.  Watkins is out, and Evan Mathis can't practice yet, but it appears Vandervelde is next in line. Austin Howard also running with the 1's at RT.  Dunlap is apparently running with the 2's.  Now that the Eagles have brought in Ryan Harris, I wonder if King has a spot on this team.  He'll be battling it out with Howard.  Or will Justice be traded?  TBD.

- McCoy runs right through the line on consecutive carries.

- McCoy for 2.

- Darryl Tapp earns a hug from Washburn after blowing up Graig Cooper in the backfield.  When Washburn reams guys out, it's ugly, but he also goes above and beyond with the praise.

- Mike McGlynn playing C with the 2's.  Is McGlynn a backup guard and center?  Or just a center?  Interesting that they had Vandervelde running with the 1's at RG.  They could have easily let A.Q. Shipley run with the 2's and 3's at C.  I'd think they'd like to get McGlynn some reps with the 1's at G, but they went with Vandervelde instead.  Hmmm.

OK, that's it for now.  I have to go to work.  More of this later.

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