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According Marty Mornhinweg Things Are Still Outstanding, But Also Excellent

A couple weeks ago we noticed how it appears as though "outstanding" is Marty Mornhinweg's favorite word. In a press conference at the close of training camp, he referred to no less than four different players as "outstanding." Fast forward to today and things are still outstanding. However, they're also "excellent." Might we have a new contender for Marty's favorite word?

First, he was asked if the move to put Todd Herremans at RT might be permanent?

Because of Todd's versatility and because of [G] Evan [Mathis], day one at training camp when we brought him in, he showed signs that he was an excellent player and a consistent player as well. This guy has strengths and he's an excellent athlete, tough, physical guy and really smart, and you need those things coming from somewhere else and into somebody else's camp to be able to show what he showed. He's done an outstanding job throughout camp."

And hey, how is Michael Vick doing recognizing blitzes?

"Excellent. He's done an outstanding job in carrying it over to a game, and he's done an excellent job in the film room, meeting room, on the practice field, and most of the time in the games. He's still right in the middle of that last step here."

That's four "excellents" vs only two "outstandings" for those scoring at home. He also referred to the Jets as "excellent at many things on defense" earlier in his remarks...

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