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The Linc - Todd Herremans Excited About Move To Tackle

Frustrated Jackson feels demoted by Eagles
After missing most of last season with a torn tricep, Jamaal Jackson is healthy but it appears the veteran center has lost his job to rookie Jason Kelce. By Reuben Frank

Herremans to RT, Mathis to LG for Eagles | Eagletarian | 08/27/2011
"I was a tackle before I was a guard. It's going to feel comfortable eventually," he said. "I've just gotta get in there and get reps. I guess you just see a different type of rusher (at tackle). You're not blocking 350-pound guys anymore. You're going to see a little bit faster guys," as guard sometimes see when defenses are in nickel packages. "It's not like speed I haven't seen before. I'm excited."

Your New RT is...
The initial thought is that this is the most athletic combination of linemen possible. Peters is the only true big guy at 340 (or more). Herremans lists at 321, but looks skinnier than that. I’d bet he’s more in the 300 range. Todd hasn’t played RT in a long time so this move isn’t without risk. You are shifting your best OG to a spot that he’s rusty at. You also now have Peters needing to get used to Evan Mathis being beside him.

Who Makes the Cut – WR/TE | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/27/2011
he Eagles are loaded at wide receiver, so there will probably be some tough decisions to make in a week, especially after Jeremy Maclin and Steve Smith practiced for the first time Saturday. The same could also apply – at least the tough decision part – to the Eagles’ tight end, especially if they plan on keeping just two.

Bad Weather Flashback: The Fog Bowl
Since all anyone is talking about is a hurricane - we're talking about a hurricane. Not a tornado. Not a tornado. Not a tornado. We're talking about a hurricane - I figured it'd be appropriate to post a video of one of the all-time "weather games" in Philly sports history.

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