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The Linc - Eagles Receiving Offers For Joselio Hanson

Source: Eagles fielding offers for CB Hanson
The Eagles have plenty of cornerbacks on the roster and according to a source, the team has received "multiple" offers for Joselio Hanson. By Reuben Frank

Andy Reid on family, prison, Michael Vick - NFC East Blog - ESPN
I talked to Michael, and I tried to be as specific as I could. Going to visit my sons in prison, I learned that those guys go through three phases when they're incarcerated. They think, "It's everybody else's fault." Then they admit, "It's my fault." The most important phase, if they get there, is, "It's my fault, and I will do absolutely everything I possibly can not to come back here." I came out of the conversation with Michael feeling that he had reached that level.

Harris Denies Surgery Report, But RT Still Unsettled | Eagletarian | 08/26/2011
Harris told your Eagletarian that though he still does not want to talk until he's back on the field, a stance he has maintained through his back problems the past few weeks, "I don't think it's going to come to that. But your source might be better than mine."

New Eagles Commercial Featuring Philly Fans is Fantastic
A new commercial from the Philadelphia Eagles featuring the fans who love them and the city they call home.

Your Collection Of "What If White Michael Vick Were..." Photoshops
Yesterday, in its infinite wisdom, ESPN gave us White Michael Vick. We're still not sure entirely why, although it "got people talking" in the way that most silly ESPN things do. It also got the crafty minds of the internet a-Photoshoppin'. Here are some of our favorites

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