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Kurt Coleman Emerging As A Leader On Eagles Defense

Kurt Coleman's performance last Thursday against the Steelers was arguably the only real bright spot for the Eagles defense. Coleman recorded 11 tackles and generally seemed to be around the ball all the time. Even though he's only in his second season, he's actually considered one of the senior members of the secondary as far as experience in this Eagles defense is concerned. Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie are both brand new and while Nate Allen was here last season, it was cut short due to injury. As a result, Juan Castillo has put trust in Coleman to hlpe make the calls and organize the secondary.

"I'm asked to make a lot of the calls on the back end." Coleman said. "Because we have new guys coming into it and they're still learning the system, I have to be on the top of my game and know everything that is going on. I think it's put a challenge on me, but I like it. I'm having fun understanding the defense, maintaining, and pointing people in the right direction."

He says that maintaining organization is going to be important as they look to resolve all the red zone issues they had last year.

"There's two things: you have to have tight coverage in the red zone, and you have to be able to affect the QB. Last year, we didn't always affect the QB and have tight coverage. Especially in the red zone, if you leave any pockets, the QB is going to hit them. Like I said, we have the corners to match up with any wide receivers and the d-line to get after them, so it's about the safeties and the linebackers holding and maintaining the water."

It's really interesting to note that two youngster Eagles fans feel best about as starters in this defense going forward are both seventh round picks, Kurt Coleman and Jamar Chaney.

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