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Getting to Know Eagles Rookie TE Martell Webb

This afternoon, I was lucky enough to be able to sit down with former Michigan tight end Martell Webb, one of the Eagles' prized pickups from the undrafted free agent pool. A four-year letterman at Michigan, the 6'3" 276-pound Webb developed a reputation for his excellent blocking and special teams play and was scouted heavily by the Eagles before the draft. Not just a one-dimentional player, Webb also possesses an impressive background as a receiver, having been recruited out of high school as one of the top 20 receivers in the nation. 

BQ: So Martell, tell us how you felt when the NFL lockout was finally lifted. I’m sure there was just a whirlwind of activity for you.

MW: You know, it was a big stress reliever. I was very happy, waiting for the calls to come back.

BQ: Your agent told me that you chose the Eagles out of about a dozen teams that were interested. What made you decide on Philly?

MW: Just because of the relationship I had with the coaching staff before the lockout and during the draft. You know, I had a couple of workouts with [Tight Ends Coach Tom] Melvin and that played a big part, that and the West Coast offense.

BQ: Still, it must be tough for an undrafted rookie to adjust to the pro level in such a short period of time. Tell us about your experience in training camp so far.

MW: Everything's coming fast, like, you gotta learn everything at a rapid pace, you know? Just because of the league year, there was no minicamp. I had to get a playbook and learn stuff as quick as possible because, you know, they play you out there you gotta be ready. You can't mess up.

BQ: So, how do you see yourself contributing to the team? What skills do you bring to the table?

MW: Well, I'm a big athletic guy, so I like to move around and I like to stick my head in there, you know? Make plays. I can do a lot for this team, like on special teams, or just any packages that they want me to be in.

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BQ: Going back to your days at Michigan, was there any one play that you were particularly proud of?

MW: It was something that nobody noticed. It was an Indiana game. It was the last drive, it was the last play of the game and we were down. I had made a key block for [QB Denard Robinson] to get him in and the game was just about to end and everybody gave him all the praise, but I knew that happened because of me. I mean, but that's what a tight end is. They do the little things to help the team out that nobody acknowledges, but I know I got the job done so I'm fired up.

BQ: Which player on the Eagles offense has impressed you the most so far and why?

MW: The player that impressed me the most? Michael Vick. Most definitely Michael Vick. He's just a general out there, telling everybody where to go. He helps everybody out. He picks up on things so quick and helps everybody out. He's just a leader, I can't explain it. It's my first time being around somebody that leads as much as he does. It's something that you gotta pinch yourself, like, "Am I dreaming?" He's a great leader that I love to be around.

BQ: Which Eagles defensive player has been the toughest to go up against?

MW: That's hard to say, because there's so many kinds of players on the defense and everybody plays hard and physical, so that's kinda tough. Everybody's playing with fresh legs, so it's hard to say right now.

BQ: Last question: which team are you most excited to face during the preseason and why?

MW: Most definitely the Ravens, just because of the defense. All of the defense, all of the veterans on that team - that's a dream come true if I go out there and play my best against a team like that.

You can follow Martell Webb on Twitter @WorldWideWebb80. Check out his aforementioned highlight play below at the 13:35 mark. Webb is in the backfield wearing #80.

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