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Eagles Vs Steelers Preseason: Pregame Lincs

Steelers will be a measuring stick for Eagles | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/18/2011
With three preseason games remaining and a little more than three weeks until the Eagles begin the regular season, there is still plenty of time for evaluation and observation, for someone to make a move up the depth chart, for someone to drop, and, yes, for injuries that can shake up the best-laid plans.

Three things: Steelers-Eagles - AFC North Blog - ESPN
Three things to watch for in Pittsburgh's preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Thursday. Kickoff is set for 8 p.m. ET.

Eagles Vs Steelers Preseason: Starters To Play First Half - SB Nation Philly
Eagles head coach Andy Reid closed training camp at Lehigh this week and is taking his squad the rest of the way across Pennsylvania for a preseason matchup with the Pittsburgh Steelers tonight

Steelers eager to stack up with buzzworthy Eagles - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

“You’re talking about one of the best college players of all time, a No. 3 draft pick and he’s the backup,” Clark said. “Look at the talent they have lined up, it’s all over the place. Those guys feel that way and if Vince wanted to say it he has every right.”

Eagles-Steelers: Reasons to watch
Yeah, it's only preseason ... but there are reasons to tune in to tonight's Eagles-Steelers game. To watch DeSean Jackson's return to action, for example. By Andy Schwartz

Pittsburgh Steelers Preseason: Five Players to Watch in Thursday Night's Tilt Against Philadelphia Eagles - Behind the Steel Curtain
Our Steelers blog takes a look at five Steelers to watch

Pregame Zone Blitz: 'Dream Team' Comes To Town - Behind the Steel Curtain
Steelers vs. Eagles pregame notes

Test #2 for Vince Young tonight. 5 cheat notes for him to use tonight. | Tracking Vince Young
Five things for Vince Young to do tonight from a blog dedicated exclusively to VY...


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