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Miami Football Scandal Reflects Poorly On The Character Of Players Involved

It's fair to say that college football players, especially those at large universities, deserve to compensated beyond just their free education. They help the schools bring in millions in TV revenues, merchandising, ticket sales and they're not allowed even have a part time job. I see how that's a problem, especially for a lot of these kids that are coming from impoverished backgrounds.

That said, in no way does that excuse or justify doing what these Miami players did. What they did was flat out wrong and frankly, I think it shows a lot about how weak their character is and they should be ashamed of what they've done. All student athletes are made aware of what the rules are and make a pledge to uphold those rules. These guys violated that pledge and screwed over tons of people in the process for what? A TV? Hookers? And we're supposed to hold these guys blameless? And let's be honest, these allegations reveal a lot about these players that a mere stipend to give them spending money would never change. If you're the kind of person (like say, Jonathon Vilma is alleged to be) that would try to injure another player for five grand, I suspect some extra spending money wouldn't change that much about you.

They not only brought shame on themselves, but they screwed over their university which gave them a free education and their opportunity in the NFL, they screwed over their fellow students and faculty who benefit from the income and fame football brings to the school, and they screwed over the fans of the school who will be around long after these players have left. Plus, they screwed over the guys currently on the team who do have the character to be honest and live up to their pledge. They are selfish, weak and clearly ungrateful individuals who deserve to be held responsible for what they did, but won't.

Instead Antrel Rolle, Jonathon Vilma, Frank Gore, Vince Wilfork and yes Antonio Dixon will go on making their millions in the NFL while the students, fans, former/current teammates and school (the last of which is not blameless for sure) will be left to pick up the pieces. But hey, at least those guys to spend a night on a yacht.

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