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Shady Buries The Hatchet With Steve Smith, Not Osi Umenyiora

<a href="">Mr. Overrated N Soft</a>
Mr. Overrated N Soft

Back when LeSean McCoy tweeted that Osi Umenyiora was "overrated n soft," Steve Smith was one of the many Giants who felt the need to respond. His particular dig was to point out that the Eagles have never won the NFL Championship when it was called the Super Bowl... How dare!

When he signed with the Eagles, Smith said it was just a "twitter beef" and that the two would hug it out. Evidently they did and LeSean McCoy says it's all good.

"He's a new member of our team. We embrace him. There's no hard feelings. Now, if it was Osi, that'd be different!"

As Osi said himself this summer, they hate each other and apparently still do.

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