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Steve Smith Takes Dig At Giants Offense

Steve Smith did an interview with NY Post writer Bart Hubbach yesterday at Eagles camp, a NY paper asking him direct questions about the Giants, so Giants fans can spare us the "Why is he still talking about the Giants" stuff. He had some more things to say about his "controversial" departure from the Giants and about their offense versus the Eagles offense. In New York, much was made of Tom Coughlin's implication that there was some sort of assurance from Smith's camp that the Giants would have a chance to "match" any offer he got. Not only has Smith's agent denied that, but Smith said that if the Giants really wanted him, they had more than enough time to sign him.

It was how many days since free agency [began] that I was out?" Smith told The Post, pointing to the roughly two weeks the Giants dawdled while he was available. "The Eagles made a great offer. I don't know . . . the Giants had a lot of time. Let's put it that way."

"The Giants might have [taken me for granted], but the Eagles didn't," Smith said.

Hubbach also said Smith took a dig at Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride and QB Eli Manning. While I can certainly see how this would be a shot at Gilbride, it's a bit of a stretch to say he criticizes Manning here...

"It's really exciting because they throw the ball so much here, so many downfield throws," Smith said. "I was used to short [and] shorter stuff in New York, but here, they're running."

Do I smell a new slogan? "Here, we're running!"

"I used to hate the Eagles, now I don't like the Giants," he said. "I've still got ex-teammates that are friends there, but I definitely want to get on that field for the Eagles now. I want to say I won a Super Bowl for both teams.

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