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Marty Mornhinweg Thinks Everything Is "Outstanding"

Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg held his last press conference of training camp and clearly he was in a pretty good mood. In fact, he thinks things are just outstanding...

What does he think of Dion Lewis?

"Outstanding. The man can run the football, and then last week he proved that he can pick up a blitzer and a physical man who was a linebacker, and in fact he did it twice."

How about Cornelius Ingram? How's he doing?

"Outstanding, young, talented man... He's having an outstanding camp, he really flashes brilliance."

And hey, that Donald Lee has been looking decent huh?

"Donald Lee is an outstanding player"

And Michael Vick really taken to that leadership role right?

"He's done just an outstanding job"

Now he did not say specifically that DeSean Jackson was outstanding, but he did have some funny stuff to say about what affect DeSean has had since showing up for camp.

"DeSean, the first day, were you all here the first day for one on ones? DeSean is a little different from us regular people. DeSean can, he's just got such a uniquely high level of talent. He's fast, he's quick, he's athletic, he's smooth, he's natural, he's smart, he's got all of those things and so he's quite different. And he had fresh legs as well. I sure am happy to have him in camp, and I think he's happy to be back with us, part of the team. You know DeSean, he's a tough guy. DeSean Jackson is a tough, tough guy, and he's really all about the team. He doesn't care who gets the credit, who scores, all he is, is about winning the next ballgame. Now having said that, about the third play of this team drill he comes up and says ‘I can go deep on him.' That was half a joke, but he did do that. '42 is squatting on me I can go over the top.'"

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