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Greenberg: News On Jeremy Maclin's Health Coming Tomorrow

Sporting News reporter Steve Greenberg spoke to a member of Jeremy Maclin's immediate family, who had some things to say that Eagles fans should find reassuring.

I'm told by a member of Jeremy Maclin's immediate family that there "definitely" will be news on Tuesday regarding the Eagles WR's health "He's fine, he's fine," says Maclin's family member. "That much I can say." Also is "confident" that Maclin will play this season.

As for speculation Maclin's mysterious illness may be a dire matter, family member says: "It's not."

Hopefully he's right on all accounts. First and foremost that it's nothing serious with Maclin, but also that we'll get some news tomorrow. I understand why the Eagles wouldn't want to discuss a private medical matter to this point, but the crazy/stupid rumors that the mystery has led to need to end.

After the Ravens game last week, Andy Reid said, "I know he can play football. That part I know. The important thing right now is for him to take care of business there." when asked about Maclin's trip home to St Louis. In fact, Reid has said all along that he doesn't think this illness will affect Jeremy's ability to play this year. Maclin himself has called all the speculation about his illness "crazy." Yet, in the absence of any real info, peoples' imaginations tend to get away from them. Hopefully we'll get some news tomorrow that ends all of that.

[Update by JasonB, 08/15/11 2:44 PM EDT ] The immediate family member is his older brother Andre Maclin. Here are some more quotes from the Sporting News Story.

“When I say definitely, we definitely will have some news tomorrow,” Andre Maclin told Sporting News. “That’s when we find out exactly what’s going on and when (the Maclin camp) will address it and talk.”

Like above, he said "he's fine" and that the rumors of the illness being career or life threatening are not true.

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