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The Linc - Eagles Think They Have Something "Special"

Eagles kick off preseason with win over Ravens
"We could be really special," Nnamdi Asomugha said Thursday night "I think we have a great opportunity to do some big things this year. But with those expectations, you have to put in a little more focus. It may not be as easy as other people are expecting it to be. We still have a lot of work to do."

Eagles 13, Ravens 6 - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
"I feel that each and every guy in that locker room wants to be on this team," Vick said. "We've enjoyed each other so much in training camp. Guys want to play for us and I wish every guy can make this team. I feel this is the best team I've been on and we definitely have something special."

New kicker passes first test for the Eagles | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/12/2011
Kickoffs weren't an issue. Neither was the first field goal for Alex Henery, the rookie kicker brought in to take over for David Akers.

Quick takes on the Eagles first preseason game | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/12/2011
Jamaal Jackson is in a fight for his job, but he didn’t do anything last night that says he can’t play. He held his own in the middle against Haloti Ngata. Howard Mudd might prefer a different type of lineman, but if Jackson can stay healthy, he’s a good option.

A few things to chew on after preseason opener | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/12/2011
Reading deep meaning into NFL exhibition games, particularly the opening exhibition game, is like trying to find poetry scrawled on a highway underpass.

Why you should watch V.Y. this preseason | National Football Post
Vince Young is going to get plenty of playing time this preseason for the Eagles. That’s the role of the No.2 QB in camp. Get your starter enough quality reps to prep for the regular season, but the majority of the snaps fall to the back-up QB. And that is going to impact both V.Y. and head coach Andy Reid.

Castillo's energy driving Eagles' defense - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
Philadelphia Eagles defensive coordinator Juan Castillo has a small cut on his face, right between the eyes. He got it when he head-butted linebacker Keenan Clayton in a recent practice while trying to drive home a point. Clayton had a helmet on at the time, hence the cut. When you watch Castillo in practices, it strikes you that it's a miracle he hasn't been hurt worse.


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