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Eagles training camp: Morning session, Part II, July 31, 2011


Wait, today is August 1st, right?  What gives?  Well, I didn't have enough time to type up all my notes from the morning session yesterday (although I was able to churn out about 1,600 words) during the break in between practices, so I'll finish up those today. Since there's no practice tomorrow, I'll post my notes from today at some point tomorrow.

11 on 11's (Late morning, temps getting up to 95-ish.  Hot.  Players are tired/uncomfortable, media types are cranky.)

- Vick stripped by Cole, Vick and Andy both yell at Cole.  Stripping the QB is a big no-no.  Don't what to be messing around near the QB's arm.  Cole would later explain he didn't mean it.

- Vick rollout left, pass picked off by Kurt Coleman.  D fired up.

- Run by Vick out of bounds.  Vick hasn't been super sharp with his passes so far in camp, although he looks way better now than he did this time last year.  But the speed is definitely still there.

-  Shady into the line.  Nothing there.  D playing well.

- Vick with a crisp pass to the outside to Avant.  Better.

- 2's in now.  Kafka does a nice job side-stepping pressure, dumps off short to Graig Cooper.  Graig Cooper looks like an early threat to Eldra Buckley.  Cooper will have to show he can play special teams in the preseason games, but the ability as a runner/receiver is there.

- Sack by Philip Hunt.  Coverage sack.  Kafka throws anyway.  Dropped by Cornelius Ingram.

- Kafka avoids pressure again, dumps off short and gets a decent gain.

- Kafka with the hard count.  Hunt jumps offsides.  Eagles are trying a ton of hard counts.  Clearly it's a point of emphasis that they don't want the D Line jumping offsides.  The coaches aren't tearing into the D Linemen for jumping just offsides just yet, but I think they will be soon.  Kafka across the middle to Turner complete on the play.

- Jerrod Johnson misses deep ball over the middle.  Johnson simply doesn't look comfortable throwing the ball.  Prediction - If Johnson gets significant playing time in the preseason, expect to see him tuck and run... a lot.

- I look over and Mike Mayock is furiously taking notes.  Impressive.  Really is dedicated to his craft.  First national guy I've seen that actually has intently watched the practices and what the players are doing on the field.  The other guys are more worried about shoehorning in a question during the pressers, figuring out how they want to spin quotes to make for compelling TV time, or just BS'ing with the other media guys.  Mayock, meanwhile, is intensely scouting.  Tip of the cap, Mike.

- Deep out by Johnson to Gerald Jones.  Nice catch.  Keeps feet in. In the limited chances I've gotten to see Jones, I've been impressed.  I'd like to see him get more reps.  Could be a practice squad candidate.

- Ugly.  Bunch of missed blocks.  Confusion.  Sack.

- Uh oh.  Antonio Dixon down.  Hammy.  Rolling around on the field holding his leg.  Aaaaaaand, he's up.  Aaaaand, he's walking off under his own power.

- Trevor Laws bats a pass at the line.  Castillo yelling praise.  Castillo freaking loves batted passes at the line.  think that might be a point of emphasis, and it makes sense.  Batted passes at the line lead to cheap INT's.

- Shady wrapped up by Laws in the backfield.  Laws and Shady jaw at each other a little.  Laws turns to walk back to his defensive huddle, and Shady shoves him.

- Shady with another carry.  And sure enough, Laws again.  Couple little pushes again, and Trent Cole even joins in to give Shady an extra push.  Great series for Laws.

- Play action to Shady, and Cole is caught busting down the line to get Shady.  Loses contain to his side and Vick jogs for 10 yards with nobody even close.  Cole wanted Shady badly. Let emotion get the best of him.

- Nice run by Graig Cooper.  Run right, nothing there, impressive jump cut, and reverses to the weak side and finds a hole.  I like this kid.

- Kafka over middle to Ingram.

- Fake to FB, pitch outside to G. Cooper.  Excellent pursuit by Jaiquawn Jarrett to keep the play to a 1 or 2 yard gain.

- Colt Anderson with a TFL on Locke.

- Stanley Havili up the middle for two.  First time I've seen them hand the ball to Havili. Not getting a lot of reps.

And there's the horn.

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