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Giants Give Osi Umenyiora Permission To Seek Trade

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Osi Umenyiora made his feelings on his position with the Giants clear this offseason when he essentially called Giants GM Jerry Reese a liar in a sworn affidavit. Osi claims that the Giants promised him that if he played at a high level that they would rework his contract. They didn't and apparently still aren't interested in doing so, but they have reportedly given him permission to seek a trade.

According to Sal Pal, the Giants are looking for a first round pick in exchange. Somewhat surprisingly, Osi is actually set to turn 30 this year (it just doesn't seem like he's been around that long) and has had his share of injuries in recent years. Plus, whatever team trades for him also would have to give him a huge new contract. So will the Giants have to lower their asking price?

It's hard to say. This is still a two time pro bowl defensive end that has 52 sacks over the past five years. He tied for their team lead last year with 11.5. Sure, he may be overrated n soft but he's still a guy that a lot of teams probably would feel that they can use. And he'd also be a big loss for the Giants. While Jason Pierre-Paul looked good in limited snaps last year, it would be a stretch to say he's ready to step up and replace double digit sacks yet and will we he look as good when teams aren't also focusing on Osi and Justin Tuck?

Plus, what made the Giants front four so dangerous has always been their depth. With a guy like Barry Cofield gone and if Osi leaves as well, that depth is gone. The Giants will be hoping that young guys fill the DT spots and will be starting Pierre-Paul, rather than using him as a situational rusher. Beyond the starters though, there won't be much.

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