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Is Cowboys WR Roy Williams Good At Anything?

This girl shut Roy Williams down just like... well, most NFL defenses do.

At this point, it's fairly obvious that Roy Williams hasn't been a very good WR since he was traded to the Cowboys for three picks and given a $45 million contract extension. The trade and the contract have been a disaster for the Cowboys. With the team almost $19 million over the projected cap for next season and Williams due over $9 million, it's likely he won't even be on the team next year.

But being an NFL WR is not the only thing Roy Williams isn't so good at. There's also tipping (he refuses to do it). Add, being romantic to the list. Williams decided to propose to his beauty queen girlfriend and sent her the proposal by mail. What's worse, the recorded proposal message and ring was included amongst a few other things he was sending her and her family (including cash).

Obviously, this uber romantic gesture didn't warm her heart and she turned him down. She also didn't return the ring, so he has now sued her. By the way he's also famously bragged about not liking to take his dates to fancy restaurants, saying he prefers McDonald's or Red Lobster. So, shocker he said no...

Never mind that he told her he didn't want the ring back....

Either way, it's a condition of a contract ladies. If you don't say yes and go through with the wedding, you give the ring back. But Roy Williams.... yeah, what a winner.

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