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The Linc - More Likely To Succeed, Plaxico Burress Or Tiki Barber

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NFL Hot Button Topic of the week - NFL - ESPN
Which ex-Giant would you sign, Plaxico Burress or Tiki Barber?

Going to the videotape aids Eagles' draft decisions | Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/05/2011
Howie Roseman talks about his method of player evaluation.

First-round pick for Kolb? Think twice, Seahawks - NFL - Football
Given his youth and promise, Kolb might well be worth a first-round choice when the lockout ends and the trade moratorium is lifted. But projecting a quarterback with such a limited body of work is tricky business. And if history is an indication, the Seahawks, of any other team interested, probably can't be sure the price is right.

McNabb May Only Fetch A 6th Or 7th Rounder - The Washington Post
If the Redskins move Donovan McNabb a minute after a new collective bargaining agreement is formally implemented or wait until the day after their first regular season game — the option deadline — it would still be surprising if any team offered more than a sixth- or conditional seventh-round pick for him. Shanahan needs to let McNabb move on at any price.

The Lockout Will Not Stop Tony Romo And Troy Aikman From Having A Spirited Game Of Beach Football
Yeah, also, Sean Payton's there, in the yellow shirt. Bobby Carpenter's the dude in the giant blue shorts. Stop slobbering, Cowboy fans. We can see you over there.

Safe Ride Advocate Neal Busted For DUI - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Four-time Pro Bowl fullback Lorenzo Neal, who now works for a drunk driving prevention program, was arrested for DUI after veering off the road and crashing his truck into a pole in Fresno, Calif., local station KFSN-TV reported Tuesday.

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