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McLane: Eagles Not As Interested In Burress As Reports Suggest

Jeff McLane did a list of the Eagles top ten priorities when the lockout is lifted, but somewhat buried at the end is his assertion that the Eagles aren't as interested in Burress as has been suggested.

When reports surfaced that the Eagles were first in line for Burress, the information was not leaked from their camp, team sources indicated. The Eagles remain neutral. They're nowhere near as interested as they were in Vick, post-incarceration, but they're not going to broadcast it. Reid is fond of Burress and doesn't want to hinder his return to the NFL. Now if the 6-foot-5 receiver would fall into his lap for a meager price, then Burress' signing could be something worth presenting to owner Jeffrey Lurie.

This is something that we pointed out when this news out. The reports from Burress' camp was that he was interested in Philadelphia, in fact he flat out said it to Brandon Jacobs, but we haven't seen almost anything concrete from the Eagles indicating any kind of interest.

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