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The Linc - Eagles Could Be A Winner With New Salary Cap Structure

Possible New Salary Cap Structure: The Winners - Niners Nation
When you have nearly 20 million dollars to spend and not many holes to fill, it equals good times; this is the situation Philadelphia is in.

Philadelphia Eagles' defensive line is subject of scrutiny in 2011, as always |
As the Eagles get ready for a 2011 season that is ready to get unlocked, the defensive line will be a position, as always, that is highly scrutinized. (see if you can catch the two blatant wrong names)

Ravens Insider: Archives - Baltimore Ravens news, schedule, analysis and opinion -
On the day it was reported that Nike had signed him to a new endorsement deal after dropping him four years ago because of dogfighting, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick spoke to children at a youth football camp in Baltimore.

Concussions extra dangerous to teen brains -
Max Conradt was used to defensive linemen hurtling their 300-pound frames at him week after week. He was a high school quarterback, the team leader who took his licks and got back up.

Matt Stevens, NFL Paraplegic Becomes Bionic Man, Walks Again
Former Eagles safety, who I actually worked with at another job....

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