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Eagles training camp: Morning session, July 31, 2011

Let's just get right to it...

1 on 1 receiver drills - TE/RB vs LB:

-          Dion Lewis vs Greg Lloyd - Lewis smokes Lloyd on this mismatch on a wheel route.

-          John Nalbone vs Jamar Chaney - Nalbone runs a nice post corner route, but Chaney stays with Nalbone the entire way and breaks up the pass.

-          Derrick Locke vs Moise Fokou - Nice coverage by Fokou on a short hitch by Locke.  Almost a pick.

-          Hey hey! Cornelius Ingram sighting!  Ingram runs a seem route, makes catch.

-          Graig Cooper vs Rashad Jeanty - Cooper doesn't even get into his route.  Jeanty just blows him up at the line.  Pass isn't even thrown.

-          Great matchup here: LeSean McCoy vs Keenan Clayton - McCoy jukes the crap out of Clayton on an out route, but drops the pass.

-          Martell Webb vs Moise Fokou - Webb with a corner route, but Fokou with coverage, breaks up the pass.  Two good plays in a row by Moise.

-          Owen Schmitt vs Brandon Peguese - Schmitt almost comically just runs directly into Paguese and blasts him, then turns to receive the pass, but it's a bad throw.

-          John Nalbone vs Greg Lloyd - Nice out route by Nalbone complete.  I have Lloyd pegged as a redshirt guy, by the way.  He's had a few major injuries.  I think the team with do with him what did with Ricky Sapp last year and place him on the IR.

9 on 9's (Running plays only - live hitting):

-          Run to the outside by Shady for 6 or 7.  Last year, Shady was the most impressive Eagle in camp, in my opinion.  He is again this year so far.

-          Vick does a hard count.  Dixon jumps offsides.

-          Casey Matthews yells "Watch out for the trap!!!" Sure enough, it's a trap play that goes nowhere.  Impressive.

-          Schmitt into the line for 2.

-          Vick hard count.  Dixon jumps offsides again.  Reid yells "How many times are you gonna jump off, Dixon?"

-          McCoy up the middle, breaks a tackle, heads upfiled.  Keep in mind, the D knows it's a run and Shady is still getting good yards.  Best player on the field so far.

-          Hard count again. This time Dixon stays onsides.  Fumbled exchange between Vick and McCoy.  Ugly.

-          Dion Lewis goes nowhere.

-          Two yard run by Lewis.

-          Lewis again with a shifty little move in the hole and gets five.

-          Lewis with a nice run to the right side.  Found a hole bounced it to the outside and sprinted up the field for a "TD." Nice run.  On a side note, Lewis was running with the twos early today, but was nowhere to be found in the afternoon.  Not sure if he got dinged up or what.  More later when I find out.

-          Graig Cooper tentatively into the line for two.  Gotta hit that hole hard in the bigs, Graig.  Note: It appears Cooper is currently the 3.  Eldra Buckley, who has a new contract, cannot practice until Thursday.

-          Oof.  Washburn tears into Clay Harbor for a bad block.  It appears Washburn's reign of terror isn't limited solely to defensive linemen.  He sends Harbor off for a new TE.  Earlier in the day, he tore into Cedric Thornton.  Washburn is the media star of the camp so far.

-          Derrick Locke around the end with a speedy run.  I'm told by the esteemed G Cobb that an outside run is less impressive, as this drill is designed to be for inside running.

-          Locke around the end again for a "TD."  Getting around the end being easy or not, Locke can run.  Duce Staley runs down the field after Locke yelling "great job."

Aaaaaand, apparently that's it for tackling today.  I learn that under the new CBA the Eagles are on a timer as far as how long they're allowed to have live tacking.  The players are now taking off their bulky pads right on the field.  Weaksauce.

11 on 11's (Blocking and hitting, but no tackling)

-          Vick to Schmitt in the flat

-          Cornelius Ingram finds a hole in the zone and brings in a little 10 yard pass.

-          Kafka checks at the line.  I noted yesterday that I can't remember Kafka checking at the line at all last camp.  Way more confidence this year.  Different player.  Unfortunately, it's a bad check.  Run goes nowhere.  Colt Anderson with the TFL.

-          Kafka incomplete right side.  Curtis Marsh with a nice play on the breakup.

-          Ugly looking screen attempt.  Keenan Clayton gets to the QB unblocked quickly for the sack.  Juan Castillo didn't like something on that play from the defense and is screaming. It looks like Victor Abiamiri is the victim here.  Castillo and Washburn are definitely screamers. Don't remember Castillo screaming at all at the OL last year.

-          Jerrod Johnson with a nice back-shoulder deep ball to Terrence Turner.  Nice catch, but OPI on the play.

-           Designed run by Vick after fake to McCoy.  Bad D - nobody even close to Vick who runs around the end and easily slips out of bounds.  Crowd cheers.

-          Shady with a great shifty run up the middle.  Did I mention he looks great?

-          Great deep ball from Vick to Sinorice Moss.  Moss with a bunch of nice catches today.  Vick is sharper today, too.

-          Mike Kafa with a nice throw to Moss on the sidelines.

-          Locke with a nice burst through the hole.  Locke looks pretty good so far, too.

-          Jerrod Johnson with a scramble out of bounds.  I don't think Johnson likes to throw unless the receiver is wide open, and even then, I haven't seen him hit too many receivers so far in camp.

FGs - Alex Henery

-          33 yarder - Down the middle.

-          33 yarder - Down the middle.

-          33 yarder - Down the middle.

-          33 yarder - Down the middle.  Hooked a little after it went through.

-          33 yarder - Left/middle.

-          40 yarder - Down the middle.

-          41 yarder - Down the middle.

Henery comes off to cheers.

Pressure FG

-          Vick pass to Cooper.  Cooper goes down on purpose.  Offense runs up and spikes.  FG unit out onto field for 43 yard attempt.  Spot down, kick up... No good.  Wide left.

-          They try again, minus the pass, catch, and spike.  This time the kick is good.

7 on 7's

-          Vick to Harbor complete.

-          Good D.  Checkdown to Graig Cooper.  A checkdown, by the way, is a win for the D, as nothing else downfield is open.

-          Vick to Harbor on a corner route complete.  Harbor, despite getting reamed out by Washburn earlier, looks good so far.

-          Out to Shady.  Good D.

-          Checkdown to Shady again.  Another win for D.

-          Riley Cooper short complete.

-          Deep ball - Kafka to Moss.  Gorgeous ball by Kafka.  Huge hole in the secondary.  Bad D.  Not sure who was at fault there.  But Kafka looks really good for the second straight day.

-          Kafka fits in a short pass to Hall despite good coverage.  Nice pass.  Small window, small target.  Perfect ball.

-          Nothing open.  Checkdown to Havili.

-          Checkdown to Hall again.  D has good coverage all over the field.

-          Kafka with a strong throw on a 15 yard out to Terrence Turner.  Good arm strength there.

-          Jerrod Johnson in. He runs, lol.  In 7 on 7's.

-          Johnson to DeAndre Brown.  Brown is huge.  Towers over the cavalcade of shrimpy Eagles receivers in camp.

-          Vick to Avant over the middle.

-          Vick to Avant on an out.

-          Deep ball by Vick to Cooper.  Great coverage by Marsh.  He shielded Cooper from the ball, got his head around to look for the ball, and went up with Cooper to knock it away.  Didn't let Cooper jump over him to catch the ball.  Great coverage.

-          Marsh again!  Great break on quick out, and swats the ball away.  Earns a slap on the helmet from Castillo.  Crowd cheers.  Marsh looks like a player.

-          Kafka finds Turner over the middle.  Pass slightly off but complete.

-          Checkdown to G. Cooper.

-          Moss deep middle incomplete.

-          Johnson pass deflected.  Easy pick opportunity for Jamar Adams, but he drops it.  It couldn't have landed more softly into his hands.

Noel Devine is no longer on the team.  Word is (not confirmed) that he was unhappy with the number of reps he was getting and left.  If that's true, see ya, kid.

And before we finish, a quick, friendly message for NFLN's Scott Hanson... There's no need to start every question you ask in a press conference with "I'm Scott Hanson with NFL Network."  You're not catching online predators, you're interviewing football players.  Apparently if your last name is Hanson, you have to let the world know that before you begin talking.

And yes, he's here and I'm here, so I guess I could just tell him that to his face, but that would be awkward, so I'm just going to be a blogger gangster.

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