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Announcing This Year's Official BGN Fantasy Football Leauge

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The official BGN fantasy league will return this year and this time our sponsor is free. Yahoo fantasy football, which is honestly the one I've used with friends for years, will be our official home for fantasy football this year and we'll be setting up a few official BGN leagues.

So in this thread, if you are interested in being a part, just leave your name. Also mention whether you're looking for a more hardcore or casual experience and we'll try to match people up based on that. This year for the league I'm in, I really want to go all out and have a lot of fun. Weekly trash talk and just people that are serious about it. If you're a fan of the show "The League," you will fit in well there.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football supports SB Nation and pigskin awesomeness. It’s also the #1 Fantasy Football game thanks to dazzling player research, instant stats with free live scoring, iPhone, Android, and iPad apps this season. Plus, new scoring categories for long receptions and rush plays. (Yes!) Sign up at

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