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Leonard Weaver's Release Is A Cautionary Tale

Leonard Weaver's story is parts inspiring and sad. This is a guy who went from a real rags to riches NFL success story to a now a cautionary tale. Weaver is really one of the good guys in the NFL and anyone who follows him on twitter knows that he has an ultra positive attitude every day. Every reporter who covers the team says that Weave was their favorite guy to deal with.... and today, the Eagles released him.

He got into the NFL as an undrafted free agent out of tiny D2 school Carson-Newman. He caught on in Seattle and actually got hurt his first year. However, when Mack Strong was injured the following year, Weaver stepped up and played well as his replacement. Two years later he hit unrestricted free agency and was looking to cash in. The offers never really came and he ended up signing a $1.75 million contract for one year with the Eagles. He went on to have a great 2009 season, worked his tail off and made his first pro bowl. The following offseason he finally cashed with a three-year contract worth $11 million and $6.5 million guaranteed. 

But in the very first game of the 2010 season, Weaver suffered a very ugly and devastating knee injury that cost him not only that entire season, but possibly his career. And today, the Eagles cut him. He'll still have the signing bonus, but now most of that contract he'll never see. And that's how the NFL works. It's a business and very often, it's not a pretty one.

And as Phil Sheridan smartly put, "If you wonder why DeSean Jackson is holding out, ask Leonard Weaver. "

It's really impossible to argue with that. NFL teams aren't charities. If you can't play and do it at a high level, they're not going to pay you. So really, you've got to get your money while you can. Best of luck Weave, I'm sure all Eagles fans hope he can get himself back in the NFL one day.

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