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Eagles Free Agency: Day Two Recap and Thoughts

Kentucky RB Derrick Locke is your newest Philadelphia Eagle.
Kentucky RB Derrick Locke is your newest Philadelphia Eagle.

Another day has gone by and Kevin Kolb is still a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. The team still hasn't made any of the blockbuster moves expected by many, but that certainly doesn't mean that they didn't have a productive day.

Throughout the day, the Eagles chose to concentrate on internal matters, signing nine of their eleven draft picks. Now, the only two that remain unsigned are first-rounder Danny Watkins and seventh-rounder Greg Lloyd. This was a huge step to ensure that the 2011 rookie crop got the most out of the shortened offseason by arriving at Lehigh as soon as possible. Expect Lloyd to sign early tomorrow and Watkins by this weekend (depending on the status of other first-round picks around the league).

On the free agency front, only one transaction was made today. The team made a late-night acquisition of undrafted running back Derrick Locke after he failed his physical with the Vikings. Locke is a long shot for sure, but he does seem to fit the Eagles' mold of a small, quick pass-catching back. His signing is definitely worth the upside he could bring as a change-of-pace back.

One thing that Locke's signing suggests, though, is that the Eagles seem to be content with their promising young talent at running back. Granted, they will probably still bring in a veteran or two to add stability to the group, but don't expect a big signing like Reggie Bush.

As for the big-splash moves on the free agent/trade market, the picture is starting to come into focus for the Eagles. See why after the jump.

Thanks to numerous reports, we now know that our compensation for Kolb will likely be Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and an additional draft pick. Jason wrote earlier today that the significant progress had been made between the two teams. With Kyle Orton looking like he'll head to the Dolphins, the Cardinals are left with zero other realistic options at quarterback. It's only a matter of time before they cave.

As for free agents, it is likely that the Eagles are waiting until their blockbuster Kolb deal is completed before signing any veterans. However, three players in particular seem to be gaining more attention: Jason Babin, Vince Young and Stephen Tulloch. All three would fill major holes in the team, so look for the discussion surrounding them to heat up tomorrow.

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