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Report: Significant Progress Made In Kevin Kolb Trade Talks

Ruben Frank is reporting that he has been told by a source that there has been "significant progress" made in the negotiations between the Eagles and Cardinals over the trade of Kevin Kolb. Like pretty much everyone is reporting, the source says the trade will return Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and an additional draft pick.

Also, as has become apparent, the Cards are still trying to sell that they're interested in Kyle Orton, but it's clear that they've targeted Kolb as their guy. Also interesting is that Roob builds on the earlier report from Jeff McLane that could would be reporting for camp tomorrow when the rest of the team is required to be there. A team source tells Frank that Kolb has indeed been told not to come to Lehigh by the team.

How close is an Arizona-Philly deal? Close enough that the Eagles have told Kolb not to travel from his home in Texas to Philadelphia to join the team at training camp in time for Thursday’s first two practices, a team source said.

So while the deal is not yet finished, it does seem increasingly likely that it will be at some point tomorrow. This evening on 97.5 The Fanatic, Adam Caplan was discussing the trade and he said that if it is not done by Friday, that something must be wrong and it would likely mean the deal fell through.

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