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McLane: Kevin Kolb Won't Report To Camp Tomorrow

Thursday is the day when Eagles players are required to report to Lehigh for training camp and if they do not, they'll start to rack up fines of $30,000 per day. If a guy does not report, there's two main reasons. He's either holding out (see DeSean Jackson) or he's been excused. According to Jeff McLane, Kevin Kolb won't be in camp tomorrow and it's not because he's holding out.

In all likelihood Kolb has been excused from camp because the team is in the process of finalizing his trade to the Arizona Cardinals. McLane cites a source that said a deal is expected to completed between the two this week. If in fact the Eagles know they're dealing Kolb, it would be crazy to have him show up to camp and endure the circus that would ensue. He'd be peppered with questions about the potential trade and there's really no reason to put him through that.

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