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Eagles Rumors: Jason Babin Talking With Philadelphia

PFT is reporting that Jason Babin says the Eagles are one of "top three" teams he is currently talking to. The Eagles were widely expected to pursue a veteran free agent defensive end and Babin was seen as a possible target. He would be an interesting signing given that he spent one fairly uneventful and unproductive year here in 2009, before leaving for Tennessee where he registered 12 sacks and made a pro bowl.

Babin credits much of his success last year to playing under defensive line coach Jim Washburn, who now runs the defensive line here.

"He is the guy that gave me the chance," Babin told The Tennessean newspaper. "He's the guy who poured water on me, let me have sunshine, gave me fertilizer, and really let me grow. It would be hard for me not to contemplate it if he said, ‘Jason, I want you in Philly.’ He resurrected me. I’d have to at least give that serious consideration."

Here's the problem. Babin was for intents and purposes a first round bust in Houston and did very little over the first five years of his career. He did very little in his one year in Philadelphia after that. Then had one big year last year and at 31 years old is looking to cash in. Does that sound like a typical NFL success story? Do you think there's a long list of NFL players who had one good season in their 7th year and continued that success?

So either last year was a fluke or Babin really did put it all together under Washburn? That's the question the Eagles will have to answer before committing the relatively big money it is probably going to take get him. 

And further, if Babin's success was all a result of Jim Washburn's magic, why not just let him work it with Juqua Parker, Darryl Tapp, Daniel Te'O-Nesheim, Ricky Sapp etc?

If he is successful, Babin would certainly be a hit in Philly, especially since he got his offseason workout program from Rocky IV.

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