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Glazer: Redskins Trade Donovan McNabb To Vikings For A 6th Round Pick

I just have to break out the #lolskins tag. We knew this was going to be an ugly transaction for the Redskins and here it is. One year (well not one calender year) after trading a second and a fourth round pick to the Eagles for Donovan McNabb, Jay Glazer is reporting that the Redskins have agreed to send McNabb to the Vikings for a sixth round pick in 2012 and possibly another 6th in 2013 depending on performance.

If that's not bad enough, the whole deal is contingent on McNabb agreeing to a big pay cut. There's been no indication yet as to whether McNabb would be open to that and he could nix the deal. I suppose you could make the argument that it's not a terrible deal for the Redskins considering that the alternative is that he'd be cut for nothing... but there's no denying that this is just an awful return on their investment in McNabb.

And further, what a fall for Donovan McNabb. At this point his value is a 6th round pick, only if he agrees to play on the cheap. I know McNabb was somewhat controversial here, but did anyone predict that things would get this low for him when he left Philly?

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