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Report: Eagles Won't Be Re-Signing Anyone

Last night, I wrote this whole article about how much of a chance I thought each of the Eagles 15 unrestricted free had of coming back. According to Jonathan Tamari, you can go ahead and just set all those chances to zero.

The Eagles will not pursue any of their own free agents, including starters such as Stewart Bradley, Quintin Mikell and Sav Rocca and backup running back Jerome Harrison, the Inquirer has learned. Other free agents who the team will not re-sign include Dimitri Patterson, Nick Cole and Max Jean-Gilles, all of whom played significant amounts last season, but struggled at their positions.

I suppose the first reaction is to be surprised, but in reality, what is so shocking? As I outlined earlier, there's pretty good reasons why a lot of these guys wouldn't be back. In fact, the only guys I guessed had a better than 50% shot at returning were Akeem Jordan and Sav Rocca and yet neither surprise me.

So, out with the old and in the with the new. It's really no different than last year.

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