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From Kevin Kolb Gone at 10:01 to Not Being Traded Today at All?

I'm also told there will be no Kevin Kolb trade announcement today. Hmmm.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply


Although, the Cardinals are still the front runners for a Kolb trade, Seattle is definitely also in play for his services. The Seahawks don't really have a player on their roster that the Eagles would want for Kolb so they must be talking about 2012 picks. Eagles don't need to rush this trade and should take the best offer on the table. Competition between these two teams will drive the price up and the Eagles should get a good deal regardless of where he goes. With camp starting tomorrow, I expect Kolb to not be there and hopefully on a plane to his new destination if not today. On a side note, free agency has been dull so far. 

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