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Eagles Free Agency Rumors: Kevin Kolb, Vince Young

After an entire offseason full of rumors and speculation that Kevin Kolb would be traded minutes after the start of free agency and it would be to the Cardinals, the reports are now that a trade is not imminent and the Cards are not the only team involved. Jeff McLane is reporting now that a leauge source told him "don't sleep on Seattle" and that the Seahawks had offered the Eagles a first round pick for Kolb last offseason.

Several sources are now saying that they still expects the Cardinals to end up with Kolb, but it will take time. Clark Judge of CBS Sports reports "source close to cards, eagles told me reports that kolb trade imminent are 'very premature.'" Kent Somers, Cardinals beat writer for the Arizona Republic, says he hears the same thing and thinks the teams are feeling one another out.

No surprise. Eagles want to build a market for Kolb. Cardinals want to leave impression they have other options.

Sports Illustrated's Don Banks was on NFL Network minutes ago and said that "it may take a few days" as the Eagles and Cardinals wrangle over a deal, but he expects one to get done and expects CB Dominique Rogers-Cromartie will be part of the deal.

If/when Kolb is dealt, could Vince Young be an option as a backup? ESPN's Chris Mortenson says that the Eagles have done a lot of homework on Young this summer.

Eagles and Dolphins have done a lot of work evaluating Vince Young. Not sure that he lands either place but in-depth evaluations/background.
The market for Vince Young isn't expected to be very busy, so the Eagles probably won't need to rush if they really are interested in Young. That said, camp does open tomorrow, so I suppose everything is a rush at this point.

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