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NFL Undrafted Rookie Free Agency Begins Early, Eagles Reportedly Sign Graig Cooper

The NFL has granted teams the ability to sign undrafted rookie free agents and their own drafted rookies starting tonight. So essentially, free agency is underway. Per NFL spokesman Greg Aiello, the deals won't be official until tomorrow, but teams can begin agreeing to deals as we speak.

The Eagles first signing according to several reports is Miami Hurricanes RB Graig Cooper (yes that's spelled right). Cooper was a very highly touted prospect, but... can you guess what I'm about to say next? Tore up his knee late in 2009 which cost him part of last year and really seemed limit his effectiveness last year.

He was really looking to be on his way to stardom after a big freshman year where he racked up the 3rd most rushing yards by a true freshman in Miami history (behind Clinton Portis). He does fit the mold of what the Eagles look for, as he's a very good pass catcher as well as runner.

So like they have several times in the past the Eagles are rolling the dice on a guy being undervalued coming off an injury. And really, with 90 roster spots this year, why not?

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