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Michael Vick Adds Fuel to the Brett Favre Fire

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Last night, the rumors began to swirl that the Eagles have a small chance at bringing Brett Favre to Philadelphia to serve as a backup quarterback. Now, Michael Vick has added fuel to the fire by taking to Twitter. His most recent post reads:

I would be honored to have Brett Farve as a backup. That will be amazing Learning how to toy with defenses the way he did his whole career.

Now, as Jason mentioned in yesterday's post, a few things will need to fall into place before a transaction like this could happen. The biggest hurdle I see is convincing Favre to take the role of a backup after 19 straight years as a starter. Still, we all know how strong his itch to play football can be, so even that might not be an issue if few other teams show interest in signing him.

Regardless, with the announcement of our current quarterback's approval of the deal, the Favre-to-Philly fire just got more fuel.