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Eagles Interested In Brett Favre As A Backup? Commence Freakouts

WIP's Howard Eskin was doing an appearance on his other gig on NBC 10, and said that the idea of the Eagles pursing Brett Favre as a backup when Kevin Kolb is traded is "possible." The Inquirer ran it up the flagpole with team sources and actually didn't seem to get a flat out denial.

A team source told The Inquirer that bringing Favre to Philly was a "long shot" and that a "lot of things would need to fall into place" for it happen.

In reality, not that many things would need to fall into place. Kevin Kolb would have to be traded, which we all know is going to happen and may already basically be done. So there's one thing falling into place. With Kolb gone, the team would be in need of another QB and it's likely that a guy they could feel comfortable starting a few games would be preferable. It would be even better if he already knew the system...

What's that you say? Brett Favre has already played under Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg when they were in Green Bay? Well, we seem to have a fit. But Favre is retired and he would have to want to come out of retirement. Clearly, that's never been too much of an issue. 

So Kevin Kolb would need to be traded and Favre would need to want to unretire. Doesn't seem like that many things need to fall into place...

Now, of course there's the issue of whether Favre would actually want to be a backup, which all he would find here. Would the lure of another Superbowl ring help with that? Did the sexting scandal finally sour him on being in the spotlight?

Who knows? But there's no doubt that the arrival of Favre would only amp up what is likely to be a circus of a year for the Eagles. They've already got Michael Vick and this explosive offense that's going to be national TV a bunch of times. They could also bring in Plaxico Burress, which would be sure to create headlines. There seems to be a good chance that the Eagles will spend big on at least one high profile free agent. Add Favre to that mix? ESPN just become the Eagles channel. Fox might as well get rid of Curt Menafee and hire Dave Spadaro, because it would be all Eagles all the time.

Also by the way, did anyone else catch the writeup of this "rumor" on The writer (Bo Wulf) actually says Favre is" perhaps best-known for his seminal appearance in There's Something About Mary."

Seriously? If he was slipping in a sly joke there, then good on him. I sure laughed. If he wasn't joking... he should start claiming he was.

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