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NFL Lockout: Logan Mankins' Agent Blames NFLPA Counsel For Demands

NFL players' lawyer Jeffrey Kessler, aka "the problem." (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
NFL players' lawyer Jeffrey Kessler, aka "the problem." (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
Getty Images

It's been widely reported that a stumbling block in the ratification of a new CBA is that plaintiffs in the Brady Bunch case, namely Logan Mankins and Vincent Jackson have demanded settlements of $10 million before agreeing to drop the case. Now previously, Jackson has twittered that he has made no such demands, yet reporters have cited sources on both sides saying that in fact those demands have been made.

Now, Frank Bauer, agent to Mankins, has laid the blame at the feet of NFLPA lead counsel Jeff Kessler, who he implies is the one making the demand without even communicating with Mankins.

"I think it's realy unfair what has happened to Logan Mankins in media characterizations that he is making monetary demands or holding up a settlement," Bauer told ESPN senior NFL analyst Chris Mortensen.

"Logan Mankins is a young man who was encouraged and solicited into a lawsuit to help the union spearhead a new agreement. Logan's main concern for entering into as a plaintiff was to see if he can become free and help other players have less restrictions. For people to say he has made monetary demands, he hasn't made any such demand. We don't know terms. We haven't talked to (NFLPA attorney) Jeff Kessler. There has been no communication, but it's irresponsible to report Logan has made monetary demands.

"Are we disappointed there has been no communication? Hugely. He trusted the union and Kessler to fight for Logan Mankins and the other players."

You mean a lawyer is actually to blame. Shocker!

Mortenson also reports that part of the proposed settlement the two sides are being asked to vote on is that the Brady Bunch will get no monetary or tactical (becoming unrestricted free agents) benefits. Obviously Kessler doesn't like that, probably because he would get a cut of that... But at least from what the agent says, he is not making these demands in accordance with the wishes of his clients. In fact, he seems to be making them despite their wishes.

It would seem that Chris Kluwe might owe these guys an apology.

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