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Report: Owners Could Vote On Non-Global Agreement

You've probably heard the phrase "global agreement" thrown around in relation to the NFL lockout in recent weeks. Basically, it refers to an agreement that would cover all the current issues between the owners and players. That means the new collective bargaining agreement which would set the rules for players movement, contracts, practices, virtually everything.

Then of course the two sides need to come to an agreement on potential damages in the TV money case as well as settle the Brady lawsuit. So when the owners specifically speak about a "global agreement" they want to to settle these lawsuits and get a new CBA all in one shot. Unfortunately, the snags we talked about earlier in the Brady case may prevent that and the owners reportedly could vote to approve the new CBA without settling the other matters.

In other words, there would be an agreement, but it wouldn't be "global." Whether or not that means that the league can open up for business isn't clear at this point.

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