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New CBA Being Held Up By Vincent Jackson And Logan Mankins? Update - Owners Say Yes

[Note by JasonB, 07/21/11 11:52 AM EDT ] Daniel Kaplan quotes a source clearly from the owners camp who says the delay is over Mankins and Jackson demanding payment.

"They are stalling after two years of effort I was told by a union official they could do it by phone last week (reform their union). Stalling to get the 20 million for Jackson and Mankins.”

CBS Sports is reporting that one of the stumbling blocks preventing the players from approving a new CBA yesterday was that Logan Mankins and Vincent Jackson, both plaintiffs in the "Brady case," have continued to insist that they deserve $10 million in cash compensation as part of a settlement in the case.

The source in the article says that as of late last night, neither player's representatives had dropped their request and the NFL will not agree to pay them.

Both players have been negatively affected by the franchise tag, which they see as a restraint of trade and believe the owners owe them compensation. They are absolutely right about what the tag is, but the fact is that it was something collectively bargained by their union. Why the owners should now be liable for utilizing a device the players agreed to is hard to understand.

Reports were that last night the players did agree to conditionally approve a new CBA, but the condition was that the Brady case plaintiffs settle or drop their claims. Effectively, they've put the onus on those players now.

If Mankins and Jackson continue to hold up a deal and extend the lockout further, they may be on their way to being the most despised players in the NFL. And not just by fans. This week, Vikings punter Chris Kluwe called the Brady plaintiffs "greedy" and "douchebags."

"Sigh, and once again greed is the operative byword. Congrats [Drew] Brees, [Peyton] Manning, Mankins, and Jackson for being 'that guy.' #douchebags"

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