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NFL Lockout News: Owners Expect Players To Vote Thursday

It's been widely reported that the owners planned to vote on the new CBA on Thursday when they convened for meetings in Atlanta. Of course, it was also widely reported that the players would vote today... but that didn't happen. Still, NFL general counsel Jeff Pash says that it's no big deal and that a vote for both sides could be held tomorrow morning (Thursday).

"It doesn’t impact it at all," Pash said of the players not voting today. "We’re going to continue to work with the players. We’ll find out if there are issues that still need to be negotiated, and we’re going to work cooperatively with them through the evening and try to have something in place that both sides can vote on tomorrow morning."

You do have to wonder what on earth they still have to negotiate? They've been at this all summer. If this stuff is so minor that it can be taken care of tonight, why wasn't it already done? If these little delays push this into the weekend... I have to wonder how much more fans can stand. It's been long enough and to stumble here at the goal line (oh yes football analogy!) is just unacceptable.

"I think both sides are at the point where they can close, they should close, and we should be in a position to take votes," Pash said.

Yes Jeff. Time to close. (NSFW)

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