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Banks: Status Of CBA More "Tenuous" Than Reported, Players Leave Without Voting

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[Note by JasonB, 07/20/11 3:59 PM EDT ] Per LaCanfora, player reps are leaving DC and no vote was taken.

The last few days we've been sold the line that the NFL lockout was all but over and the new CBA just needed the "I's" dotted and "t's" crossed. As has been the case all summer, that may not be entirely true...

SI's Don Banks threw a bit of a wet blanket on all the optimism today, which was supposed to be the day when the players voted on the new deal.

NFL source said status of CBA is more "tenuous'' than is widely thought. And it's still too early to know if vote will happen today on schedule.

He also said that the start of free agency was "a moving target' and that no decision has been made on the Hall Of Fame game. That game is supposed to take place August 7th, so really you'd have to be kidding yourself if you think teams could be prepared to play a game by then. Even if it is mostly scrubs and fifth stringers. 

That said, Banks did assure his twitter followers that "tenuous" doesn't necessarily mean doomsday.

An observation worh adding:"Tenuous'' doesn't mean deal won't happen. Just means things might not be as solid as believed. Steady, folks.

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