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Michael Vick Signs Yet Another Endorsement Deal


The endorsements are rolling in fast and furious for Michael Vick with the latest being Fuse Science, another workout/energy supplement company. They describe their product as such.

"Fuse Science research and development team has engineered a faster and more efficient way to absorb nutrients when the body is at its highest demand. By combining pre, during, and post workout dosing athletes may find they can handle more intense workout with shorter recovery times."

Fuse Science also offers a range of energy, nutrition, medication, and skin care products. They are based in Miami. Vick will get a part ownership of the company as well as an endorsement fee from the company who looks to take on giants like Gatorade.

“Michael Vick will be our No. 1 NFL athlete,” said Adam Adler, the CEO of Fuse Science, who has 18 NFL players already signed to use and endorse the product. “We’re not stopping with Michael and the NFL. We’re going to have a roster of the top athletes reflective of the type of product this is and how it’s going to revolutionize the market.”

“Michael has done everything he can to repair what he did wrong and I think people recognize that,” Adler said. “He paid his debt and he’s moving forward. For him, this is a product that fits the type of athlete and businessman he wants to be. He wants to be at the forefront of something that will help athletes.

“When we showed him our product and what it can do, the first thing he said is it was something he needed to make himself a better player, to get that ultimate goal of winning a Super Bowl.”

I imagine that this company's products are different enough from the supplements of Musclepharm, who Vick signed a deal with last week.

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