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NFL Lockout News: We Approach Another End Date

The old lockout end dates of July 15th and July 17th have come and gone with no agreement. That leaves July 21st (tomorrow) as the day the owners are scheduled to meet in Atlanta and supposedly ratify the new agreement. Problem is, as of right now we aren't certain that there is one.

That said, optimism still abounds and many reporters are saying that the players could hold a vote this afternoon. Mark Maske of the Washington Post said there is actually still work to be done today but he expects a vote.

There are still unresolved issues, but few people seem to consider them major obstacles now that the deal is headed to the voting stage.
There's still unresolved issues? Really?

Either way, keep your eyes and ears open for breaking news today. If the owners are really going to ratify a deal tomorrow, the agreement would probably have to be finalized at some point today.

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