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The Linc - Cards Will Have To Do Better Than DRC For Kolb?

In exchange for Kolb, Eagles want more than Rodgers-Cromartie | Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/19/2011
If the Cardinals are offering Dominque Rodgers-Cromartie straight up for Kevin Kolb, as one report suggested, the Eagles aren't buying. The Birds want a starter in return and possibly a 2012 second- or third-round draft pick.

Eagles anticipate end of lockout, ready for Lehigh
It wasn't quite Lehigh, but several Eagles worked out in Jersey on Tuesday and, with the lockout apparently almost over, they say they're ready for the real thing. By Dave Zangaro

Philadelphia Eagles training camp: Lehigh University awaiting word from Eagles -
Lehigh University athletic director Joe Sterrett confirmed today that the decision by the university to begin preparing for Philadelphia Eagles' training camp was made without a financial commitment by the Eagles. news: Redskins, Eagles expected to be among free-agent spenders
Eagles will make title push. Daniel Snyder probably cannot wait to start throwing his money away on free agency, but the team that will make the biggest impact will be the Redskins' NFC East counterpart, the Eagles.

Honoring Greats From The Past
The career successes of former Eagles linebacker Bill Bergey and former Eagles running back Wilbert Montgomery are obvious to all who have loved this football team over the years.

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