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Michael Vick Endorses Anti-Dogfighting Bill

Michael Vick will announce his support for a new bill designed to fight dog and cock fighting in Washington today. The bill would make it illegal to even attend a dog or cockfight. Vick will be speaking on behalf of the Humane Society, who says the QB is one of the most effective voices against dogfighting.

"Vick was a role model for many young people, and he lost everything because of what he did to dogs. His story is the strongest possible example of why dog fighting is a dead end. Just as former drug addicts are able to reach people struggling with addiction, former dogfighters are some of the most effective voices against this crime."

I have no doubt that Vick's detractors will just ignore this like they have all the other work he's done to combat dogfighting and claim that it's all for show and he still deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison or something... But the reality is that the guy could not be doing more to atone for his past crimes and trying to prevent them from happening to anyone else.

And by the way, for those who do still insist on doubting his sincerity.... Remember that in the lockout the Eagles PR staff has no contact with Vick. They set up no events or speaking engagements on his behalf. Even without the Eagles support staff, he's continued his work on the behalf of the humane society and against dogfighting.

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