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Eagles Setting Up Lehigh In Preparation For Training Camp

While there still has been no official announcement as to whether there will actually be an Eagles training camp at Lehigh University this year, the Eagles are preparing as if it will happen. Earlier today, one of our commenters VRFC8, who lives by the college reported the following.

Take it for what its worth but……..I live by Lehigh and have a project in that area. I drove by the goodman campus where eagles training camp is held…. THEY ARE SETTING UP WHITE TENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No events scheduled on campus this weekend or next week…Perhaps a sign the birds are coming?

He was evidently not the only person to recognize this. It was in fact, the Eagles who were out setting up as if camp where going to happen. Lehigh spokesman Steve Lomangino said "It's just them making preparations on their end. It's the Eagles being proactive."

The Eagles Derek Boyko confirmed this.
"We're trying to be as prepared as possible in the event we go to Lehigh for training camp," Eagles spokesman Derek Boyko said.
Frankly, I share the view of PFT in that I find it unlikely that the Eagles would be spending money on setting up Lehigh if at the least, they aren't very confident the lockout is about to end. The Eagles know exactly how the negotiations are going and they aren't stupid. They wouldn't be doing this unless camp was going to happen.

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