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Reno Mahe, Other EX BYU Players Accused Of Theft

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Ex Eagle and BYU football player Reno Mahe was arrested and charged with felony theft in Utah for allegedly playing a part in the theft of over $55,000 in gas. Mahe and another ex BYU player Tevita Ofahengaue were caught on surveillance video stealing gas from a construction site a friend worked at.

After hours, the guys would stop by this construction company and use a code to fill up their personal vehicles with gas. Police say that Mahe was specifically present for the theft over over $2,000 in fuel. For his part, Mahe claims that he didn't realize he was doing anything wrong.

"I thought you were allowed to do it," he said. "I didn't steal no gas. I don't need gas."

Mahe said then that he has met the owner of A-Core and was even asked to speak at a mission farewell for the man's grandson.

"It wasn't like I needed (A-Core's) gas," he said at the time. "I'll pay, if that's the deal. I'll pay my portion back if he wasn't allowed to give it to me. I'm not worried about that part. As a man, you pay back your debts."

I'm sure nothing felt weird about sneaking into a company after hours and filling up your car with gas for free...

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