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The Linc - Keeping Kolb And Tony Romo Abdicates Manhood

Tony is happy, vulnerable.
Tony is happy, vulnerable.

The case for keeping Kolb with the Eagles | Philadelphia Inquirer | 07/14/2011
Do not trade Kevin Kolb says Jeff McLane

The mysterious moving NFL lockout end date - The League - The Washington Post
It seems like every week, there is a new report about the end of the NFL Lockout... and every week, that deadline comes and goes. Frankly, NFL fans are like Charlie Brown and the NFL has been acting like Lucy.

Eagles Evaluation: Defensive End
With Brandon Graham’s health a question mark, the Eagles could turn to the open market.

My Wish: Charlie Pena and Donovan McNabb, five years later - ESPN
Charlie Pena, the first child to be featured in the My Wish series, is now a healthy high school graduate. He was the kid who got to be an honorary coach for the Eagles one day.

The Tony Romo Wedding Video That Sort Of Epitomizes Everything - From Our Editors -
Any lingering bit of respect you might have had for Tony Romo—any shred or smidgeon—will likely disappear once you check out the music video he paid for after his wedding this summer. Funny you should ask, because yes, it does contain a heavy dose of Coldplay.

Sports can lead the way | National Football Post
Individual owners—with Jeffrey Lurie of the Eagles and Jerry Jones of the Cowboys in the lead—have taken steps to certify their stadiums with clean technologies.

Top 10 false impressions of lockout - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Top 10 false impressions of lockout

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