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Report: Redskins Will "Take What They Can Get" To Keep Albert Haynesworth Away From Eagles

Jason LaCanfora, who was a beat writer for the Redskins with the Washington Post before joining the NFL network, wrote an interesting story today about the Redskins post-lockout free agency plans. Basically, he says they plan on going after multiple big names.

Of course, before doing that they will likely have to shed themselves of big, albatross contracts like Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth, who will both be very tough to trade because of those contracts. That said, with contracts like those gone, the Skins will have a lot of room to play with under the projected cap.

The article has a litany of players the Skins will reportedly pursue, but the note of most interest to Eagles fans is what LaCanfora has to say about their plans for Albert Haynesworth.

Team sources maintain that they can't foresee the Redskins keeping either quarterback Donovan McNabb or defensive lineman Albert Haynesworth. Receiving much for either in a trade will prove quite difficult given their contracts, and several team sources believe Shanahan ultimately will take anything he can for Haynesworth. The Redskins are particularly concerned that if they release Haynesworth, he will sign with the NFC East rival Philadelphia Eagles and reunite with his former Tennessee Titans position coach, Jim Washburn.

I've always found this a curious way to do business. This idea of trying to "keep a player away" from a rival. I think that any time you do something that isn't 100% geared toward making your team better, you are doing your team a disservice. Plus, it's all just a guess. No one even knows whether the Eagles would want Haynesworth if he was cut. The only reason anyone thinks they would is because they employ his former defensive line coach. Is that enough to make Shanahan paranoid?

In the end though, getting something for Haynesworth is better than nothing, which is what they'd get if they cut him. It will be interesting though to see what a team would be willing to give up to take on his contract. He's owed $12.6 mil over the next two years (and then silly money after that), which is a pretty big number for a guy that just might give you absolutely nothing. The Redskins might actually have to send something of value with him to get another team to take that on.

If Shanny did that just to keep him away from the Eagles (who may or may not even want him), then he's hurting the Redskins.

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