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Dimitri Patterson Among 25 Least Valuable Players In The NFL

Former Football Outsiders writer Bill Barnwell has a new piece on ESPN's Grantland about the 25 least valuable players in the NFL last year. Only one Eagle made the list... Dimitri Patterson at #24.

Patterson was a last resort at cornerback forced into action by injuries; teams avoided Asante Samuel and spent the second half throwing at the guy who the Philadelphia Inquirer politely noted " … is better suited to special teams."

That's the thing with Patterson. I really can't get too upset with him, because he really had no business starting. When the team constructed the roster, he was the 4th corner. When he was pressed into a starting role he wasn't good, but then again, what did we expect?

So clearly upgrades need to be made. That's no secret. But I'm not going to go overboard criticizing Patterson. He was who we thought he was.

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