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Report: Kevin Kolb Will Be The Cardinals #1 Priority When Lockout Ends

Cardinals beat writer Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic was a guest of The Weisman Trophy radio show this afternoon and had some interesting thoughts about the Cardinals post lockout plans, especially as they relate to Eagles backup Kevin Kolb. Somers says their "first call" will be to Philadelphia when the lockout ends.

"I think their first call, the first thing they'll do when the lockout is lifted, is talk to the Eagles and see if they can acquire Kevin Kolb." Somers said, "They're very interest in trading for him.  They're wary, however, the Eagles are going to command a ransom for him. They're not going to be willing to give that up, but they do like him an awful lot. They like almost everything about him and they think he could be a quarterback really for the next 10 years. So, it makes a possible deal intriguing. What do you give up for that guy?  Especially for Kolb when he hasn't proven himself."

Somers also suggests that guys like Matt Hasselbeck, Marc Bulger and Kyle Orton will be on their radar as well, but Kolb's youth and upside is what puts him above the rest.

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