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DeSean Jackson Talks Michael Vick, Plaxico Burress

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I've got to credit Stephen A. Smith, who had DeSean Jackson on his radio show yesterday and didn't even bother to rehash the "gay slur" incident that everyone was feigning outrage over this weekend. As we said before, it was wrong but he apologized and it's time to move on. This kid does so much good stuff that it doesn't really make sense to continue beating him up over something relatively minor.

[Update by JasonB, 07/11/11 1:58 PM EDT ] Just found out that this interview was on Friday. So while it was after the "gay slur" thing, Smith very well may not have heard about it yet.

Onto the interview. DeSean was asked what he thought the Eagles chances were this year.

"Man, I think our hopes are real. I think if you ask the majority of fans or people around, I think we definitely have a great shot, especially with Mike Vick having a full year under his belt. You know, just me and him and Jeremy Maclin and McCoy, just all of us playing together for a couple of years. You know, it's really at a time for us right now. I think we just need a couple of replacements on defense and at a couple of other positions, but I think we're very close man to winning that Super Bowl."

He went on to say that the second loss to the Packers really bothered him and that they certainly seem to be the team the Eagles are targeting this year.He also talked about his recent meetings with Plaxico Burress and the possibility of him coming to Philadelphia.

"Honestly, Plaxico just came out to California, me and him just catching up. You know, he was actually a good friend of mine, just looking up to him, playing with the Giants he was just always a phenomenal receiver. So that's crazy everybody just talking about the Eagles, asking about other teams. But in my mind, I think he would love to come play for the Eagles, you know, he and Vick - he already kind of had a connection with Vick - with him being in prison and him kind of talking to him before. So it might be a connection, bro, I don't know. But regardless, I wish the best for him, and if he was to come to Philadelphia I think it would be a dangerous combination."

Check out SRI for the full transcript as DeSean had a bit more to say about Vick, which I think sheds a lot of light on why guys are going to want to come to the Eagles to play with him. I think we almost forget what an icon Michael Vick was when he came into the league right about the time guys DeSean's age were really getting into football. These guys all wanted to be Michael Vick.

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