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Nike Welcomes Back Michael Vick

This is an actual image from BET when Vick won their "Sportsman of the Year"
This is an actual image from BET when Vick won their "Sportsman of the Year"

At one point, Michael Vick was the face of Nike's NFL products and their biggest NFL endorser. You'll probably remember his most famous ad "The Michael Vick Experience" which depicted people on an amusement ride that mimicked Vick on the field.  Of course, like everything else in his life, that was ruined in 2007 when Nike terminated the deal in the wake of the revelation about his dogfighting operation.

Fast forward to today and, much like everything else in his life, things have come full circle and Nike has re-signed the Eagles QB.

"Michael acknowledges his past mistakes," said Nike spokesman Derek Kent. "We do not condone those actions, but we support the positive changes he has made to better himself off the field."

Nike has been giving Vick free products since his return to the NFL, but now their relationship is official once again. It should be interesting if we see Michael Vick Nike commercials next year. Given how quickly his popularity skyrocketed last season, it would seem likely that we'll be seeing Vick on a few commercials next year.

CNBC reports that this might be the first time in sports marketing that a major brand has dropped an athlete and came back to sign him.

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